Remade in the USA

Received wisdom dictates that, since the 1970s, North America has been sourcing much of its manufacturing overseas, and ceding its commodity base to low-cost developing countries; that manufacturing capacity has been steadily relinquished to emerging economies with low cost labor aplenty (such as China, India and Brazil).

In the past decade alone, a mass exodus of business - which involved whole industries strategically uprooting entire value chains - resulted in the loss of five million manufacturing jobs in theU.S.The alarmist business press headlines that have for some time predicted the outright death of industry in theUnited States of America would appear, on the surface, to be all too accurate. 

However, recent developments perhaps indicate that the two score year status quo of decline and disintegration is far from unassailable - and, in fact, thatNorth Americais undergoing a period of industrial renaissance. In the past two years, for...

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