Supply Chain Best Practice - London Book Fair 2012

The supply chain is the heartbeat of your company. It drives your finances, your customer service, your reputation and, most importantly, your cash flow.  Tony gives an overview of the current trends and how Virtualized Logistics has applied processes and systems to develop world class supply chain solutions for the publishing industry. 

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Virtualized Logistics' Tony Leach explains the importance of the supply chain to the publishing industry

At the 2011 London Book Fair, Tony Leach, Chief Sales Officer and Director of supply chain consultant Virtualized Logistics, spoke to Liz Thomson from the publishing industry online newspaper Book Brunch about the supply chain and its importance in the publishing industry.

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Find out how to generate savings by ensuring containers are loaded to maximum capacity

Virtualized Logistics offers its clients the ability to maximize container loading capacity and reduce costs and environmental impact through the use of its innovative slip sheets product. Watch our slip sheets video to find out more.

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