Virtualized Logistics ticks all the boxes for Scholastic UK

07 February 2013

Since working with Virtualized Logistics, Scholastic UK has halved the transit times for the books it sources from the Far East and U.S.  

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Shippers seeking more intelligent supply chain solutions to cut costs

14 January 2013

Manufacturers, retailers and others involved in buying global transport are asking for new services and products as part of their attempts to reduce costs.

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Virtualized Logistics helps customers manage their suppliers

27 September 2012

Supply chain specialist Virtualized Logistics is running vendor workshops to help its customers better manage their suppliers.

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Virtualized Logistics making the news once again

24 August 2012

Virtualized Logistics' expertise has once again been called upon by theUK's media - this time to explain the impact ebooks are having on the publishing supply chain to Isabel Lesto from Lloyd's Loading List.

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U.S. drive to build export growth is just first step, says Virtualized Logistics

31 July 2012

Is the decline of U.S. manufacturing being reversed after a decade of mass exodus to countries with cheaper labor? CanU.S.businesses survive by using local production for the domestic market? 

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US companies are more receptive to taking calculated risks, says Virtualized Logistics

11 May 2012

All companies are seeking cost savings in these tough economic times, but US companies are most open to exploring new ideas and strategies, says Tony Leach, Director and Chief Sales Officer, Virtualized Logistics.

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Virtualized Logistics hits the headlines

07 March 2012

Supply chain expert Virtualized Logistics has been featured in one of the UK's biggest selling daily newspapers.

Virtualized Logistics Director and Chief Sales Officer Tony Leach was interviewed by the Times newspaper for its annual supply chain supplement on the impact of technology on transport solutions.

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Virtualized Logistics scoops prestigious logistics industry award

20 January 2012

Supply chain experts Virtualized Logistics (VL) and sister company SBS Worldwide have been named winners of the Supply Chain Management Award at the BIFA Freight Service Awards.

The two companies scooped the award for their work on improving the supply chain of a leading publisher.

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Virtualized Logistics gaining recognition for its supply chain expertise

16 December 2011

Virtualized Logistics has already proved it is a force to be reckoned with - being shortlisted for The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2011.

The consultancy, set up only a year ago, was a finalist in the Innovation in Supply Chain Practice category, along with Vodafone, Coco-Cola Enterprises and the UK Ministry of Defense, which won the award.

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Lack of internal communication drives up logistics costs, says Virtualized Logistics

22 July 2011

Companies are accruing unnecessarily high costs within their supply chains because different departments do not communicate across functions, says Tony Leach, Solutions Director at Virtualized Logistics, a new consultancy set up by logistics specialists SBS Worldwide.

"Each department is so focused on its own activity and targets that it does not consider the impact of their actions or policies on the rest of the company can have further up or down the supply chain," Mr Leach explains. "Some are obvious. The purchasing department bulk-buying to achieve lower unit costs causes chaos for the warehouse manager who is tasked with reducing inventory.

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